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Getting Pumped: Choosing The Right Pump For Your Rainwater Sprinkler System

29 March 2016
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Collecting rainwater for use with your home sprinkler is a fine way to reduce your water bills and your household's impact on the environment, but figuring out how to shift all that water once you've collected it can be a challenge. Whether you're providing water to a couple of cheap sprinklers on your lawn or an extensive irrigation system for vegetables and crops, you'll need a water tank pump to move water quickly and effectively. Read More …

How You Can Test For Lead In Water At Home

10 March 2016
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If the piping system in your home is made of lead, then there is a good chance that you and your family are consuming lead as you take in water that passes through these pipes. Your children in particular are at a high risk of lead exposure since children tend to consume more water to boost their developing bodies. According to research, around 20% of lead exposure in children is due to waterborne routes. Read More …

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