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What to Know about Boring into Underground Water

19 July

You may be getting ready to acquire water from an underground source. If so, how do you proceed in a safe manner? Exploring the Aquifer Underground water can be found in what’s known as an “aquifer.” It’s possible to obtain water for your own use for things like irrigation by drilling a hole into the […]

All is Well: Cleaning a Submersible Well Pump

20 April

To ensure that your plants and crops get the desired amount of water, it is vital that your sprinkler system functions well. By carrying out regular maintenance you can reduce breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. Below we look at how to clean and maintain a submersible well pump. Turn Off  The […]

Getting Pumped: Choosing The Right Pump For Your Rainwater Sprinkler System

29 March

Collecting rainwater for use with your home sprinkler is a fine way to reduce your water bills and your household’s impact on the environment, but figuring out how to shift all that water once you’ve collected it can be a challenge. Whether you’re providing water to a couple of cheap sprinklers on your lawn or […]

How You Can Test For Lead In Water At Home

10 March

If the piping system in your home is made of lead, then there is a good chance that you and your family are consuming lead as you take in water that passes through these pipes. Your children in particular are at a high risk of lead exposure since children tend to consume more water to […]