All is Well: Cleaning a Submersible Well Pump

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All is Well: Cleaning a Submersible Well Pump

20 April 2016
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To ensure that your plants and crops get the desired amount of water, it is vital that your sprinkler system functions well. By carrying out regular maintenance you can reduce breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. Below we look at how to clean and maintain a submersible well pump.

Turn Off 

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the electrical switch that supplies power to the pump is in the off position. This removes any risk of electric shocks while you are working on the pump system.

Pump Removal

Removing the pump from the well may be difficult if you have a large pump or if the well is deep. It may be necessary to go down into the well to manually remove the pump using ropes. If you need to do this, you should have someone who stays above ground who will be able to help you to lift the pump from the well once you have roped it. This will ensure that the pump will not be damaged during its assent to the surface.

Identify the Water Inlet

The water inlet is a screen that help to filter any debris in the water, preventing it from entering and clogging the water pump. The water inlet may not be easily visible due to moss and debris which can accumulate on the filter. In the majority of submersible well pumps, the water inlet can be found midway up the side of the device.

Cleaning the Water Inlet

Once you have located the position of the water inlet, you can get to work cleaning the pump. If the water inlet has become clogged due to the build up of sand and other debris, it can stop the flow of water and cause the pump to break down. You should use a brush with stiff bristles to carefully clear away any debris on the filter. Once you have removed large debris, run water over the filter to remove any smaller parts still blocking the filter.

Reinstalling the Pump

When you are happy that the water inlet is clear of debris, you can return the pump to the water. Once you are at the bottom of the well, you should get the other person assisting you to lower the pump slowly down. Once you have reinstalled the pump, turn on the power and check that everything is working as it should be.

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