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How Important Are Almonds in the Australian Agricultural Sector?

14 March 2023
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Almonds are a very important and stable crop in the Australian agricultural sector. They are extremely versatile, providing many nutritional benefits and economic opportunities for both producers and consumers. So, just how crucial are almonds to Australia's agriculture industry? What do you need to know if you're in the hospitality sector and thinking about introducing this amazing ingredient to your consumers?  The Economic Impact of Almonds Almonds have been grown in Australia for more than a century, but recently they have become increasingly popular due to their health benefits and versatility. Read More …

A Guide On Lice Treatment In Sheep

1 April 2022
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As a sheep farmer, you may be worried about getting rid of lice in sheep. Sheep have thick wool, making it challenging to identify and remove lice on their skin. Below is a blog discussing how to detect and treat lice in your sheep.  How To Detect Lice In Sheep The obvious effect of lice in sheep is irritation. A sheep with a lice infestation will rub itself against surfaces. In some cases, the sheep could bite its skin to get rid of the lice. Read More …

3 Crucial Steps for Making Calcium Shell Grit at Home

5 January 2021
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Any poultry farmer will tell you that they feel excited every time their chicken lay healthy eggs. However, the only way your brood can keep laying healthy eggs is by keeping them on a healthy and nutritious diet. One essential nutrient that poultry need to lay healthy eggs is calcium. Notably, calcium shell grit is an excellent source of calcium, which helps with digestion. While you can buy ready-made shell grit from a local store, there is no reason why you should not make it at home. Read More …

What to Know about Boring into Underground Water

19 July 2016
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You may be getting ready to acquire water from an underground source. If so, how do you proceed in a safe manner? Exploring the Aquifer Underground water can be found in what's known as an "aquifer." It's possible to obtain water for your own use for things like irrigation by drilling a hole into the source. The aquifer forms over many decades, as rainwater seeps through different layers of soil and rock and is retained inside specific fractures. Read More …

All is Well: Cleaning a Submersible Well Pump

20 April 2016
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To ensure that your plants and crops get the desired amount of water, it is vital that your sprinkler system functions well. By carrying out regular maintenance you can reduce breakdowns and improve the efficiency of your irrigation system. Below we look at how to clean and maintain a submersible well pump. Turn Off  The first thing you need to do is ensure that the electrical switch that supplies power to the pump is in the off position. Read More …

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